Makefast Workshop builds new ideas.
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We're just getting started, but things are already up and rolling. Follow along as we embark on launching our first product.

We design hands first.
Tomorrow's greatest products won't come from linear thinking.

Instead, we explore new ideas manually to see the full spectrum of what's possible. Each iteration reveals misconceptions, tells a story, or yields new ways to consider a given problem. Making things fast allows us to learn more and push ideas forward quickly.

Informative prototypes lead to more meaningful artifacts that don't fade away over time: they're designed from the ground up to make life better.
Meet the team.
Maura Atwater
Passionate about managing content and relationships across borders.

Maura previously worked at Amazon's EU headquarters, guiding top authors and literary agents through the wild world of digital publishing. Prior to that, she localized video game software for Nintendo of America and worked on the Human Speechome Project at the MIT Media Lab. Maura has also spent time in France teaching students English and translating exhibitions for the Musée National de la Marine. She holds a degree in French and Spanish from Wellesley College.

Maura’s experience.
Adam Kumpf
Ever-eager to make abstract ideas concrete as quickly as possible.

Adam previously created musical instruments at Fiddlewax and co-founded The Chaos Collective where he built experimental creative tools with Matt Wolfe. Prior to that, he engineered software and hardware prototypes and helped create the Labs offshoot at Teague. Adam holds three degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (working on compliant robotics) and Media Arts & Sciences (researching tangible user interfaces).

Adam’s experience and past projects.
Fully equipped.
The right tool can make all the difference, and that's especially true when time and resources are short. While every project has its own unique needs, we're continually expanding our workbench so that we don't waste precious time searching for tools or waiting for parts.

Electronics Workbench
From blinky lights to advanced processing, sensing, and actuation, we have the skills and solder to quickly build circuits that bring new products to life.

CNC Mill
Our computer-controlled mill precisely carves out materials like wood, metal, plastic, and foam.

3D Printer
Sometimes it's quicker to just print the shape you want than it is to machine it. Plastic parts aren't great for everything, but they can be incredibly handy in a pinch.

We keep lots of common raw stock, precision tools, fasteners, and components around to reduce wait time as a product evolves.

Ongoing Experiments
We're always trying out new prototyping tools, materials, methods and hacks in our spare time. When we find something we like, we keep it around for future projects.

Laser Cutter
There's nothing better than lasers to rapidly cut and etch flat materials.

Let's work together.
We're straight-shooters here, so no need for formal pitches or proposals. Just let us know where you're stuck and how we can help.